Fighting the Social in Social Gaming

The “DK” stands for Death Knight. Wonder what faction she is?

I don’t like the Alliance.

When I think of the Alliance, I envision some hawtness lying atop a mountain of gold and clan in nothing but purple epics. So, they’re like me… only with Blizzard’s favor.

C’mon, we all know there’s little nods throughout the game that gives the edge to the Alliance. Off the top of my head – the Lorekeeper achievement, for example, which had the Alliance needing fewer quests completed to get the title. The second most obvious fact has to be Alterac Valley. Really, the Horde get a log cabin fort while the Alliance gets a Keep with – wait for it – A BRIDGE THAT CAN BE DEFENDED?!

The most obvious fact, though, is that the Alliance is good-looking. You’ve got ruggedly handsome Dwarves, the sleek Night Elves with glowing eyes and a somersault jump, Humans (hey look, my toon looks just like me, no wonder they’re the most popular!), and the cute-but-annoying Gnomes.

Oh yeah, and the Space Goats. Guess every family has that fugly relative.

Horde? You’ve got the green and angry Orcs, the Tauren-cows, Zombie-folk, and the Rasta/Dennis Rodman Trolls. The Blood Elves are the best-looking of the bunch (and the most widely played Horde race… coincidence?), but their personality leaves much to be desired.

Maybe that’s why I prefer the Horde. They’re always a bit of the underdog, fewer in numbers and less-preferred for more superficial reasons. Hell, even their leveling zones are dismal and ugly! People, carrying their vanity over from the Real World, want to play the cute characters. Any wonder the top three races played are Humans, Blood Elves, and Night Elves?

Screw you, Society. I spit on your lust for the pretty, and your disdain toward those who don’t meet your eye-candy standards. Let’s worship Megan Fox, flock to see her in sweat and grunt in Transformers, despite the fact that she can’t act. The flop that was “Jennifer’s Body” gives me a slight hope in humanity. Very slight.

All this leads me to a dilemma. I (me, the man behind the keyboard) have been offered a spot in a Guild on another server. They’re a progressive raiding guild, smaller but a good bunch from what I’ve been told. I was invited by one of my wife’s co-workers. Real Life contact. People, plain and smelly and wonderful. He told me they’d run me through some five-man content, get my feet wet, and go from there.

I’m currently a member of the biggest guild in North America. The guild has multiple raid teams. But it’s easy to get lost in a crowd of five thousand, and for the most part I don’t really care. I do my own thing, do guild runs when I’m able. If I were to disappear, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be noticed. That is, of course, until I submit my segment for the AIE Podcast (coming soon!)

However, I’m at the point where I’ve done pretty much all the solo content there is to do. Sure there’s quests and such, grind out some achievements, but there’s no point. It doesn’t advance my game at all. Playing the auction house was a nice distraction, as was leveling up various professions. Rokk now has two pieces of Deadly Gladiator PVP gear, and with the gemming I’ve been doing I notice he’s melting face like never before. It’d be nice to put all that power to better use than just killing the same daily mobs over and over again.

I have a Warrior that I might consider sending over, though. He’s almost 80, and Rokk could gear him up so that he’d be less of a liability. Maybe run a few WG’s to get some honor gear. He’s a mighty Tauren slab of killing-meat, and I’ve grown quite attached to him.

The guild on the other server is Alliance.

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

Do I join the Beautiful People, in hope that I may break the anti-social cycle that is my solo WoW play? Or do I spite “The Man” and keep my Bull just the way he is, a solo engine of destruction?

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