Halls of Lightning

When you have multiple characters, you sometimes forget what they have and haven’t done as far as progression. However, I do know that Rokk appears to have gotten into the swing of the PVP concept of Wintergrasp.

He’s becoming quite the adept killer.

Now in the wee hours of the morning, when a call went out to run heroic Halls of Lightning, a still-blooddrunk Rokk answered the call.

With the band of merry guildies, Rokk went forth and began to lay waste to Loken’s minions.

Eventually, after crushing bodies beneath his feet, Rokk finally heard the words of the treacherous and deceiving Loken.

The battle raged, the body fell, and Rokk’s first heroic instance had been completed. What did he have to show for his efforts?

It wasn’t all about achievements. He did get an upgrade for his tanking set.


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