Where You At & What You Killin?

Rukgut! What have you been up to – uh, where’s your shirt?

I have great abs. Felt like showing them off a little.

That’s a lot of snow behind you. The cold doesn’t bother you?

Mind over matter, friend. Mind over matter.

Well clearly you’ve lost your mind, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Got it in one.

I hear you’ve got a new pet that you’re leveling up.

I’m trying a Survival spec, and thought I’d get a pet that’ll hold my target down while I unload in its face.

That sounds dirty and wrong.

Says you.

Fair enough. What kind of pet did you get?

Got myself a nice blue crab.

You… you have blue crabs? That might not happen if you put your shirt on, and stopped tramping around with Tauren women with loose morals.

I have a gun, you know. A big one. Lots of bullets. And my crabs can be terminal.

Rokk, on the other hand, decided to take the plunge and get his PVP feet wet again. This time, he participated in the Big Boys version – Wintergrasp.

He actually did quite well for himself –

Might play with this for a bit, see what kind of gear he can get.

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