Back to the Grind – Again

I’m bad at this blogging stuff.

Why? Yes, general lack of topics posted on here has much to do with it. What has caused this hiccup? The same thing I’ve complained about before, and that’s progression. Once the level progression is finished, what’s next? Professions? Capped. Gear then, yes?

That’s the point Rokk & Rukgut are at right now – they don’t NEED better gear. Hell, Rukgut tends to run dailies and general PVE nonsense without a chestpiece. I suspect he’s a little on the crazy side, what with the whole “running around in the snow without a parka on” and such.

Raiding and Heroics is a good reason to get gear, but even when you’re in a guild the size of Alea Iacta Est, it can be tricky to get a group. Raid groups, you’re better off trying to put one of your own together, and frankly I don’t have the time or energy to run anything like that.

I decided to go through my many toons and found one that I’d like to level up. Another hunter, this time, but one on the Alliance side. It’s interesting that I’ve run two characters to 80 and have never seen Northrend from the Alliance side. Different server too, so it’s Gold Farming as well as leveling. Professions are needed, so those need work as well.

It’s like finding a whole new game.

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