The Rokk Gets His Pumpkin On

Generally speaking, I don’t go in for the World Events. I guess that always had something to do with the fact I was never level capped when the event came along, so I never got to play with the big boys. Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s the pain meds, but I thought Rokk would go and give this thing a try. Maybe not the title, but at least pick up a few achievements.

Boy did he.

First, he helped save Brill from burning down. Take that, Headless Horseman!

Then he took the fight to the Scarlet Monastary, kicked down the doors, and punted Mister Pumpkinhead through the uprights!

As a reward for his pumpkin-bashing, he picked up the Sinister Squashling & Hallowed Helm:

To celebrate, Rokk binged on candy:

That’s right, not all events are wholesome and classy…

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