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If there’s two words in a WoW Gamer’s language that’ll send raiders around the bend muttering things about casuals, it’s “free epics”. The concept that someone who doesn’t raid as often, or at all, can get gear that compares to what hardcore raiders can pull down, is a stiff kick to the epeen. Luckily such thing matter not to me, as I just got out of the shower and came to realise that I don’t care about the size of my epeen. But I digress.

In this case, the free epic I’m referring to is an epic mount. I know everyone loves the green proto-drake, and why wouldn’t they, but this mount is one you don’t need to grind faction for. No, this one is as simple as running a daily. That’s right, click on a blue exclamation mark, run a quest as simple as one you ran as a newbie orc, and you too can be the proud owner of the Reins of the White Polar Bear

Rokk’s Tip of the Day – When running the daily quest “Maintaining Discipline” in Brunnhildar Village (which happens to be the one that got Rokk his Polar Bear mount), you can swat Exhausted Vrykul even if someone else happens to be fighting them at the time. Just run up and give them a tap. It’ll count towards the six you need.

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