Be Kind To Questgivers

Running Daily Quests is great Exercise

I have a new meta-game in World of Warcraft – Speed Daily Runs. The object is to see how fast can I burn off all 25 Daily Quests.

There is a method to my madness. The main motivation being cash money. I’d been playing the Auction House because, well, I don’t raid and I haven’t run more than a few instances. I therefore needed something to take up my time. Money makes even the virtual world go round, and sometimes it’s just as much fun to count gp rather than xp. Also, epic flying won’t buy itself, so to the AH I went. I bought low, sold high, and more importantly sold smart. Made some gold, lost most of it leveling up Rukgut’s Engineering (twitch spasm twitch), and decided to try a new approach.

After falling off several mailboxes (very few are Tauren approved – who knew?) I developed a different strategy.

There are those who say that “Doing the Daily Quests” is the path paved with gold once you reach 80. That’s well and good, but those blue exclamation points are all over Northrend. You could easily cap the 25 Daily Quest limit, but you’d be zipping coast to coast, eating up time that could be used doing something productive like farming mining nodes, filing toenails with a belt sander, or whatever happens to float your boat.

A little research showed me the way to make the most of my Daily Quest run, in the least amount of time. In fact, it was theoretically possible to use all 25 Daily Quests in under two hours. That’s about 400 gold with vendoring and such. Do that with two 80’s and I’ve got two words for you: “Cha” and “Ching”.

In search for the gold, and the quests, I noticed something. When you reach 80, those pesky yellow exclamation points don’t disappear. In fact, you might have to do some of those quest to unlock DQ hubs. That’s what happened when Rokk tried to follow the same pattern that Rukgut did for his DQ speed run. Rukgut had taken a little more time getting to 80, and completed more quest chains. Rokk, with the finess of a prison riot, laid waste to the content with the sole purpose of reaching 80. Quest chains lay bloody and broken in the snow. NPC’s held their tattered rags against their soiled flesh, feeling dirty and used as they trembled in the wake that the Rokk left behind him.

The Engine of Destruction reached 80, unsympathetic. Now he’s eating some crow as he goes back to unlock Daily Quests by finishing quest chains left behind. That’s always fun, especially when the person who is supposed to have the DQ doesn’t have any quest at all to give you.

The Rokk’s Tip Of The Day: Either show some tact and patience on the way up, or you’ll have to show even more patience on the way back through the content.

Was it worth it? Well, 600gp for a couple hours work isn’t too bad.

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