Back To The Grind

Well the doctor has been good enough to allow me the limited use of my right arm again, so after about six weeks of farting around I’m back to work starting Monday. The drawback is that I will be out of town, with a satellite internet feed, and limited WoW access.

So how did I spend the last of my free time? Well, The Rokk went out and got himself an orphan. Kind soul that he is, he went ahead and took a little Oracle squirt out for a stroll. The kid liked it so much, he wanted to stay. Cute.

I was listening to Octale and Hordak vs The World during the week, and Octale made what I felt was a good point regarding tanks. During my downtime, I’ve often seen groups looking for a Tank to run heroics, yet quite a few DK’s looking to DPS. I get the fact that many Death Knights are looking to build a tanking set. At least, that’s what the story is.

Rukgut got in a few Heroic groups, DPS’ed his face off. In that time, I came to the conclusion that tanking is a mindset, not a class. Some players are tanks, wanting the responsibility of keeping the group alive and so on, and some don’t. Rukgut was glad to simply sit back and pew pew. I don’t think Rokk is going to be that way. I want him as a tank. Maybe the time has come for him to start puttering around and just get in there and tank. Take a chance.

There’s another situation in-game that has come to my attention, but I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I’ll have to investigate a little further, but it is certainly bringing certain thought processes to light.

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