I decided to experiment a little with my Prot Warrior. He with the cool name. What’s your name, big guy?

Me am Therokk.

See that? Damn clever I say. What do you like to do for fun, Therokk?

Me like watching dirty movies on TV.

An Orc after my own heart. But what ELSE do you like to do for fun?

… me am kill things?


The cranially challenged to to the snowy peaks of Alterac Valley, and at level 64 he was raking in about 40 Grand in XP per win. Each win took about fifteen minutes. He tried one final rush with a group that decided it’d be better to hang back and play Defense. How’d that work out Therokk?

Not so good.


No, but me got achievement for Thousand Honorable Kills.

That’s wonderful. Good for you. He also made roughly twenty thousand in XP for that loss, which took 34 minutes. What lesson does that teach us?

Therokk smash?

What else?

Therokk win?

Yes. There’s going to be those mouth-breathers who think “LOL FARM LOL”. Blitz, win quick, start another one. In the time that Therokk had his loss, he could have fit two wins in there. What would you rather have? 20K or 40K XP? Honor farming can be done in the top bracket, where you actually get a boatload of it at a time. Can’t buy anything useful from AV from what I can see, but it’s something.

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