New Profession – Gold Sinking!

Rukgut! What brings you by the Undercity today?

Oh nothing much. Just thought I’d see where the greatest auction house trader in Azeroth worked his magic.

No magic, just hard work, The AH never sleeps, so neither do I.

You… don’t sleep?

Sleep is for the weak.

Is that why you came to the Undercity? Light won’t bother you?

Not exactly. Bathroom breaks are for the weak too.

Hence the green water around the bank. Gotcha.

Since, as the goblins say, “time is money”, if you’ll excuse me.

Uh, there’s actually another reason I came by. I was thinking about changing professions.

You have my attention. Go on.

Well I was thinking about picking up Engineering.

You have lost my attention. Get out.

But –

Get. Out.

Look, Engineering can help give me utility. I can feign death and rez people in five-mans or raids. I can build cool gadgets!

Where’s my stabby stick?

Robots! Jeeves! I can help people with this profession!

No, not pointy enough.

… I can build Mechano-Hogs. To sell.

I’m putting the Orc-Sticker away. Now you’ve come to me because?

I need some starting capital. I don’t want to farm the mats.

No, of course not. How much do you think this is going to cost me?

I guess a thousand gold for starters.


Hello? You okay over there? *sniff sniff* I think you made some green bank water.

* * *

Ruined… ruined…

Hey Mister Banker sir!

Tell me you built a bike! Tell me you have something I can sell!

As a matter of fact, I do.

Mechano! Hog!

Well, almost. I’ll be able to make it very soon.

But… gold! Money! All gone!

You can sell these. I’ve got plenty of them.

… Gnomish Army Knives? I couldn’t give these away! The market is flooded with them!

Oh. So you’re saying they aren’t useful?

No, I wouldn’t say that.

P-put that knife down! Get away from me you crazy –

Stop running! And don’t try to FD, Hunter! I’ll keep stabbing you anyway!

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