Elite Fight Club

Rukgut now has two elite Ferocity pets. That’s not necessarily a problem, but should Ruk decide to get his group on, or maybe step up to raids and such, he’s gotta bring the pain. Pain, in this case, via a pet. Beast Mastery 4 Lyfe, bitches!

To determine the pecking order, Ruk put his two prized scrappers – T-Rex and Spirit Beast – to the test. In this case, test being the Heroic Testing Dummy in Silvermoon City. Nobody goes to Silvermoon City.

Both rounds of testing would be the same. Both sets of pets would run with everything they’d be running with out in the World (maybe not in a group setting, so Growl stayed on for both… okay, I forgot to turn it off. Bite me.) Ruk would lead with a Hunter’s Mark, Serpent Sting, and then simply auto fire. Ten minute rounds for each.

Nord, the T-Rex of Pain, stepped up first. Ten minutes later, he had his numbers.

Next, Spirit Beast who happens to also be named Rukgut. Fun fact, you can name your pets after yourself. Who knew? WTB Pet name change! Ten minutes later…

A clear-cut winner. Will that matter? Hard to say. Some folks don’t like the Devilsaur in a group because he tends to eat up alot of real estate. Time will tell the tale on this one, but I’ve got a hunch both of these wicked beasts will see plenty of action.

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