Interesting Spawns

The Rokk grouped up with some guildies and took the hurt to Drak’Tharon Keep. It was our first instance, first real guild grouping, and it was great experience. Of course, The Lich King showed up at the end of our run and talked a whole lot of trash. Regardless, the run went so well we took a spin through Gundrak for dessert!

In other (Hunter) news…

Skoll. Mine.

We just happened to be flying by one of the spawn points and decided to manually click the rare mob macro I’d set up. Suddenly popped up. Frantically I tried to find him on the map, since there were plenty of yellow neutral dots on Rukgut’s map.

I quickly set down and instantly noticed a drake mount was nearby. A quick icon sweep over it revealed it to be an 80 Dranei paladin. I was worried. Why was he just sitting there? Oh crap, he wants to kill it for the Achievement!
(Turns out Skoll wasn’t part of the achievement, but I didn’t know that at the time.)

Where the Hell was my Frost Trap? C’mon c’mon, dismiss the old wolf pet! Tame, frozen… Skoll is going to be mine!

It was right about then, while I watched the seconds tick down, that I saw movement to my left. Two Alliance Hunters stood there and watched. Were they there the whole time? Or did they just show up? Didn’t know, but once the taming was over one of them came up and pet my new pet. Got a cheer after that, but of course I had no idea what they were really saying –

There was no gloating on our part. We simply took our new pet out for a walk, while I stood up from behind my keyboard and rode out the adrenaline dump from taming a rare pet that I’d spent months looking for (Spirit Beast, not necessarily this one.)

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