The Wall – Part The Second

That’s a good looking sword right there. A steal at only 25 Champion’s Seals!

Most DK’s swing the Titansteel Destroyer once they hit 80. We can make one if we wanted to. But since we’re not buying pets or mounts with our Seals, might as well get something out of the jousting efforts.

This is the second toon I’ve taken to 80, and I’ve found the same thing happened. Ding 80, and the enthusiasm fizzles out. I thought that, with my hunter, it was just burnout on the class. After all, between all the servers I’ve had characters on I’ve probably gone through over 200 levels of Hunter. Hecksticks, Rukgut even got the rare Proto-Drake from the Oracle’s Egg and even that wasn’t enough to get me psyched up to play him.

Maybe running Rokk through some instances might help. Problem there is that I’m running WoW on my laptop, and I’ve found that my system bogs right down during Chillmaw fights. I can’t imagine what it’d do during a raid, or a heroic for that matter. Wonderful.

Feeling a bid dejected, we decided it was time to round out some skills. Well, fishing had fallen behind and it had the potential to be a good money-maker. Why not?

Mid-cast, someone runs up to me out of the blue – I shit you not – and they feel the need to let me in on the server’s worst-kept secret:


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