Bent But Not Broken… Okay, Maybe a Little Broken

Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing when you admit to people that you play World of Warcraft. You get a look like you just admitted to rampant buggering of livestock. In my case, the look of disbelief that I get comes from the fact that I don’t look like someone who plays WoW. I’m not obese, therefore I keep myself in above average shape as far as gamers go. I practice personal hygiene; no gamer funk for this guy. Mrs Rokk was worried I’d let myself go once we got married. “I can’t,” I told her. “I have a stereotype to break.”

Fast forward to last weekend, when I hopped on the wife’s mountain bike and began my 6K trek to the gym. Knowing what little regard traffic has for pedal-pushers, I opted to take a bike path. There were signs up for this particular path, making sure both pedestrians and bikers alike knew the other was on the path.

I’m progressing down a hill at a rapid pace, knowing I have a long incline waiting for me around the blind corner ahead. So I wasn’t expecting to have to slow down anytime soon. Of course, that was until I rounded that corner and came face to faces with a line of senior citizens who happened to be taking their pet grandson out for a walk.

The Rokk Says: When approaching a blind corner, always stay on the right so that people can get by you. DO NOT WALK SIDE BY SIDE LIKE YOU’RE LEADING THE PRIDE PARADE!

I knew I couldn’t get by them, and there were trees on either side of the path. Oh yeah, I wasn’t wearing a helmet either.

Apply front and back breaks. Hard.

Sadly, the front brakes held a little more.

Rokk-et into the dirt.

I will take partial blame for the accident. I should have slowed down a little more when approaching the corner. I had slowed down to the point where, if I could have, I would have been able to hug the right hand side of the path and whistled by the Old Train.

They were fine. I ended up with my right elbow fractured, and a few cracked ribs.

While it is possible to play WoW with one hand, I haven’t tried jousting or any of the major daily quests. I’m typing this whole mess with one hand. Until I find out if I’ll be in a cast or needing surgery to repair my busted wing, I know one thing for sure – I won’t bitch about my situation. I won’t bitch about my game play.

Once again, I’m breaking the stereotype of the average WoW player.

“QQ” my ass.

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  1. Holy crap man..!All the players who cry about the pet autocast bug should read your post. Also, I love your stance on breaking the stereotype.Good luck with the mending process. 🙂

  2. Oh dear. I hope you have good healers around you.come to think of it – I've just bought a helmet, but forgot to put it on this morning. Crap.Those things are more dangerous than you may think…

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