The Joy of Jousting

We’re almost through the first gauntlet of jousting here at the Argent Tournament. It was a shaky start, but that’s been addressed and since then we’ve been undefeated. How is this possible? People have been mentioning the tip in various posts, but what we’ve been doing is this:

1) Challenge Opponent (after putting 3 shields up).
2) As he walks to the center of the ring, spam 2 and immediately close into melee range.
3) Spam 1, changing to 2 as the opponent walks away and immediately close to melee.
4) Weave in 4 to keep shields up.

Basically, do not charge and stay close so the enemy can’t charge either. Keep shields up, spam shield-breaker as the enemy turns away. It sounds more complicated than it is, and while it does take a little longer than regular jousting, it pays off for two reasons – one, it’s safer, and two, it works even for those who are latency-challenged.

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