The Argent Tournament

Imagine our surprise when a letter arrived in the mail.

Really? Argent Tournament? Kinda thought that was a bit of a low level to start this particular questline, but what the Hell. This was one great big hunk of Tauren that wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, regardless of level.

After flying to the scene, there were only a couple of daily quests available. One requesting fetching wood, and another asking for stone. Repairs, building and such. (Apparently these quests will no longer be available after patch 3.2 as the Colosseum will be complete.) After that, we were invited to enroll in the tournament itself. Huzzah!

We were then trained on the finer points of jousting on the back of a bird. For now, the quests are for mugging training dummies. After we gather up 15 Aspirant’s Seals, we’ll really start throwing down – Rambo Style!

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