Who Cares?

Over the weekend, there was a “big deal” being made about some paladin blogger who was not who she said she was. Ferarro was discovered not to be the girl she claimed to be, but a blogging identity who had been shared by several people over the course of the past few years. This, of course, was an atrocity. The person lied about who she was, and over the course of a few days some story came about which outlined the possible reasons for the deception.

What I don’t get is: Why is this a big deal?

I don’t play a paladin. Maybe they’re made of softer, fluffier stuff. I have no idea. What I do know is that Ferarro’s site gave (from what I could see) a wealth of information to paladins. Does the fact that the person posting that information is not the same one in the profile pic make that information invalid?

“OMG she’s not the chick in the pic? You mean the the person I rubbed one out on… is a LIE? Does that mean Prot Pallies are the suck too? My World has been turned upside down!”

If that is you, may you pull the lever to the Ejection Seat while flying a helicopter. Seriously. The gene pool does not need this kind of contaminant.

WoW.com had just done an interview with Ferarro, and from that this whole thing came to light. I can see them making a bit of a stink about it, for no other reason than to clean the egg from their face. But for the rest of the “Blogging Community” to get into some kind of uproar is Just Plain Dumb, as the kids say.

At the end of the day, I don’t think this is about lying and trust. I think people just don’t like to have their illusions called out. For the Hunter community, BigRedKitty was a cult icon. But once his new blog came out, and people came to realise that he wasn’t really a dwarf, well the illusion faded. As entertaining as his new site is, I doubt it gets the hits the BRK site did.

Well, that and it isn’t a World of Warcraft site.

People should just enjoy the fact that someone, regardless of who they really are, is collecting information that will make the play experience a little better for the player base in general. More important than that, is the player base doesn’t have to do the legwork.

It’s cause they’re lazy, y’know.

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