The Real Hard Mode

This past week I came to grips with the fact that I had two options:

1) Level on the weekends when I have a better internet connection, and reach 80 sometime around Christmas.

2) Suck it up and do what I can during the week, enduring a horrible internet connection.

Option 2 is the way to go. Option 2 is about as much fun as masturbating with a cheese grater.

Combat is a real treat. I engage, start my rotation, and everything just kinda… sits there. I silently hope that I’ve killed the mob while I lag out. This happens pretty much on every pull. You also tend to die alot when you can’t fight back properly. Rotations go out the window, and instead of “lol /faceroll across the keyboard” it’s “WTF /HEADBUTT MONITOR”.

Masturbating. Cheese grater.

The upside? The Rokk is almost at 72, and I’m really feeling like I’m earning levels the hard way.

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