Only Fifty Clams

They’re practically giving blues away.

Winterfin Retreat needed The Rokk’s help. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you can’t discriminate. If they’ve got an exclamation mark hanging over their head, any quest they have is as good as someone else’s, regardless of race, creed, or faction.

Except Alliance. They can go pound salt while pissing up a rope.

Anyway, there’s a Clam Vendor at the Winterfin Retreat. While running quests at the opposing Winterfin Murloc camp, you easily scrounge up Winterfin Clams. In fact, in the time it took me to finish up Oh Noes, The Tadpoles! and Them! , I easily rounded up the 50 clams necessary to purchase what was pretty much an upgrade from the axe I was using –

Not only that, but if one wanted to make some easy gold in the AH, you simply have to get 100 clams and hand them in for a Siren’s Tear which usually sells well (100g last time I looked).

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