U Wanna Fite?

Rukgut, who has now more or less become my farming alt, managed to get his Unarmed skill to 400. He earned the achievement “Did Someone Order A Knuckle Sandwich”, which was pretty much how he earned it – bare knuckles on eggs.

Fun Tip: Attacking Primordial Drake Eggs in Sholo Basin is a great way to skill up your lower weapon skills. Just be sure to have a better weapon at hand in case one of the mama Drakes decide to come by to check up on her eggs. While you’re beating it into an omlette, she’ll make you into some cajun-styled bite snacks.

As far as The Rokk goes, I’ll be levelling him on the weekends and working on his skills during the week. Given the poor internet connection I have to work with during the week, it’s the best way to get closer to 80 sometime this year.

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