3.1 Adjustments

Well, due to the reshuffling of the spec trees, The Rokk had to change his Unholy spec around a little. Luckily, Skeleton Jack came through once again, despite a tweak here and there. More to come on this post once I have a chance to get some sleep and get back to the big city, where I’ll have some decent internet connections. At least that way I’ll be able to test the spec properly.

I’ve been hard-pressed to find a DK blog that provides the guidance that Skeleton Jack does. For many of his or Geist’s posts on specs, for example, they list not only the spec but how to allocate points at various levels. This is a huge help for those DK’s who aren’t 80 and wrapped in the sweet embrace of T7 gear. In fact, for one of the most popular classes out there, you’re really hard pressed to find a decent site/blog that covers the DK class. SJ has the market in his death clutch (see what I did there?). Hopefully someone steps up at some point and helps out the cause.

Hey, don’t look at me – The Rokk has a ways to go yet. Although now that dual spec has gone live, I’m definitely considering grabbing a frost spec too. That’s assuming there’s gold to throw away.

Until something magical happens, here’s a few blogs I googled –


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