Next Stop – Northrend

The Rokk has hit 68, and immediately booked a flight to Northrend via blimp from Orgrimmar. Rukgut cruised the Howling Fjord on his time through. This go-round, Rokk is setting up camp in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. The quests seem DK friendly, the layout somewhat familar, but that doesn’t mean The Rokk is staying out of Outlands. Oh no, he will be going back there once he reaches 70 and can fly. He will soar through the skies on his skeletal mount, plucking ores as he sees fit, and making some gold in the process.

In other news, Patch 3.1 could very well be dropping tomorrow. People are worried that they’re not ready for the patch. How are you not ready? Is your system not updated? Decided not to pre-download the 1.2 GB of patch files already released? Other than that, people should be ready. Nobody knows what will be included in this patch until it goes live. There’s functions in the PTR that are included right until the 11th hour, and don’t make the cut.

Or things that were never going live, like the blue post said about the wardrobe function. They said it wasn’t going live in 3.1, but because people got to play with it in the PTR they assumed it was. Suddenly they’re like “OMG WTF” when they find out that it isn’t going live. Assumptions make you look stupid, folks. Try not to do it.

So The Rokk says this – relax. It’s just a patch. Check out what comes live, then deal with it. People planning their specs and such before 3.1 goes live are asking for disappointment. When they cry, I will bathe in their tears.

Every man dies – Not every man really lives.

– William Ross Wallace

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