Blood In, Blood Out

Thanks to Skeleton Jack’s blog, I found a good outline for a DK Blood Spec and decided to give it a try when Rokk dinged 66. He did, respecced, and have been killed twice by Gutripper while I managed to kill the other two Nesingwary elites as a 65 Unholy DK. The second time I dropped, he was almost dead himself. Not sure if that means anything, or if it was just a run of bad luck. I’m half-temped to spec back to Unholy and try the bird one more time.

After getting Blacksmithing close to 300, spending hundreds of gold in the process, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have gone with Engineering instead. Maybe Rukgut will have to switch from Leatherworking.

Guess I’ll have to sleep on it for now.

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