Different but Same

The Rokk has been more of a focus now. Rukgut is grinding rep, running dailies, and leveling up his turtle to be his primary aoe tank once 3.1 hits. But Rokk, he’s fun because he’s plenty different.

First, he doesn’t look like a DK. I’ve seen so many around Rokk’s level who are still wearing their starting gear. Why? Because it looks cool. The stats suck compare to what some of Rokk’s gear is, but they are in love with the “Look”. I’m in love with “not getting killed.”

Taurens don’t ride horses. Rokk doesn’t ride a horse. He rides an armored bulldozer of death.

Profession-wise, he’s working on mining (300+) and Blacksmithing (sub-300). He’ll be able to make himself some decent weapons and gear in short order, which is good because he’ll need to keep those pesky weapon skills leveled properly.

In other news, Nessingwary needs a kick to the left testicle. “Hey Rokk, go kill 30 birds. Finished? Okay, go kill another 30. Finished that too? Great, say how about you go kill that one big one on the other side of the zone. Oh, and before you go, have a chat with these other fellows who want you to kill a mess of these things as well.”

Thirty? Really? It’s like those bombing run quests where they want you to kill 100, but they give you a bomb to do it. Ness, he just shrugs and says “you’ve got the tools.” His quests are about as much fun as beating a boar to death with a rolled-up newspaper.

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