Everytime I try to get out…

After finally completing the chain quests to the point where the Ruk is no longer KOS to the Sons of Hodir, it was time to start working on the dailies to up the rep on those big goombas. However, AFTER finishing that quest line I wasn’t in the mood to see the big guys very much. Time to wander about a bit, clear the head so to speak.

First things first. Leatherworking dinged 440, which meant that purples could be made. What I didn’t know was that the purples were not bind on pickup. Made two pair of pants – Giantmaim pants – and put one of them up on the AH.

Next, Nord dinged 79. Since I was thinking about farming mats to try make some gold, I figured I’d get more bang for my buck by bringing up one of the other pets. Back to the Stable with the Devilsaur, out came the Scion!

Cunning pet’s special = more mana for me. Good times.

Hmmm, looking for leather and a place where a 77 pet can get xp… The BASIN!

Isn’t there a pet that wanders around –

Hush now.

We’ll see what we’ll see.

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