My Base in the Basin

After running the dailies for, well, a few days, Ruk is finally Revered with the Oracles. He picked up a swanky helmet, as well as the Mysterious Egg. Really not a bad rep grind, as far as grinds go. Quick quests, decent cash (12-16gp each), and it kept me in the basin to grind leather for my Leatherworking. Between the quests and grinds, I’m almost at the point where I can make myself some purple gear.

However, now that my Oracles rep is as high as I need it to be, I can’t see much reason to stay in the Basin. I may do some grinding on one set of fast-spawn mobs (as long as they don’t get fixed in the patch today), but all in all I think it’s time to move on. To be real here, the chance of getting the Spirit Beast is slim to nil. I’m not about to spend five hours flying in a circle, spamming a macro and hoping it’ll go off. It was all about the Spirit Strike, and at the end of the day I have to balance the Want for that ability with the Want for Ruk’s other things (gear, abilities, pets). Spirit Strike falls short. Goodbye Loque’nahak.

Besides, Gondria is coming out in 3.1 and I’m guessing the spawn rate will be much better for him.

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