It’s Been One Week Since You Looked At Me…

Unacceptable. However, in my defense I’ve been RL busy.

That part aside, let’s discuss the gains that have been made in the past week.

– Epic Flying & Epic Mount. Through dailies and selling everything I could get my hands on, the Ruk now has the 5k flying. Went to Shadowmoon Valley in Outlands and shelled out another 200 gold for a 280% speed mount. Handy.

– Albino Devilsaur. Regardless of the other pets, it looks like Devilsaur is still topping the DPS charts. But since everyone and their gnome has the dark one, the Ruk went out to Un’Goro Crater and tamed Nord, the albino. He currently sits at 76, almost 77. We’ve been using him to grind the basin.

– Leatherworking. Currently sitting at 434. I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend 25 gold on 5 Heavy Borean Leather in the AH. Might as well grind it on the damn, dirty apes in the Basin. At least that way, Nord’s getting xp. Plus the gorillas are the spawn points for…

– Spirit Beast. Nothing yet. I have to get this thing out of my head. It looks cool, and the spirit strike is an impressive visual. But numbers have it down on the charts. We must be more zen and less superficial.

– Wolf. Since not much else has been upgraded, I decided that it’d be good to have an 80 pet in case Ruk was invited to a group. We went out to Storm Peaks and tamed an 80 wolf, Deathnote, and slapped it in the stable. He’ll sit there until we get a group, or until Nord hits 80. Or until the future Spirit Beast hits 80. *twitch twitch*

Plan: Grind mats in the Basin, leveling up Nord and Leatherworking at the same time while continuing on the Oracle dailies. The next goal is to have Leatherworking at the point where we can make some purples. Wowhead says that level is 440. Six skill points. That’s 60 Heavy Borean Leather, give or take. That’s 360 Gorilla Kills.

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