Patch Day

Tuesday morning, and the servers are down for routine maintenance. A perfect time to reflect on the past week or so.

– Leveling has become a little more of a pain than I’d like. First, bugged quests. As far as I can see, the two I’ve run up against are the final ones for that particular quest line. So it isn’t like they’re keeping me from moving on to the next quest hub. Wowhead also reports these things as bugged. Maybe I’ll throw myself at these stupid things once I’ve reached 80 and have nothing better to do with my time.

– Quest hubs. I can’t seem to find them. I was a little concerned when I hit 78 a day or two ago. Every level seemed to have a hub waiting for me, and a quest to send me to a new one. I seemed to have dried up the hubs available to me. Yesterday I realized that Dalaran sent me to different places through quests, so there’s a good tip – do your quests in order, kids.

– Spirit Beast. I have a problem with this thing. The problem is that I want it. Number-wise, it isn’t the best pet. As far as Elite Ferocity pets, it’s still behind Devilsaurs. I guess the fact that it’s a rare spawn, and a good-looking pet at that, makes it somewhat appealing. People like to stand out, look different somehow. Toting around a Spirit Beast like a fashion accessory… has The Ruk become Paris Hilton, dragging around some kind of pocket pooch in her hand bag?

– Cash. Honestly, the only thing I thought I’d need gold for would be for repairs and possibly respeccing. But with the Spirit Beast issue, I’d come to realize that I needed a flying mount. I spend the cost on flying lessons, spent another grand on cold weather flying, then bought a generic mount to cruise the Basin. After lapping the Basin as 60% speed, and knowing the Spirit Beast only spawns for ten minutes, I now feel the need for Epic Flying Speed. That’s Five Thousand Gold. Needless to say, I’m a little short on funds. That, plus the Mammoth with the vendors (handy as all heck, says I) at Twenty Thousand Gold, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

– Auction House. The Alea Iacta Est podcast has come great tips for playing the AH (Thanks Miy). The only problem is that those tips don’t help when you use them on the same server as the three thousand plus people in the guild who also have access to the same information.

– Professions. I need to check the Grand Master Leatherworking Trainer. There’s gear upgrades there that I’ve overlooked and can now use. All I have to do is farm mats. Oh goody.

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