The Year That Was

Well here it is, the party’s over for another year and 2008 is being led out the door before he hurls on my shoes. But before you go, 2008, have one last drink while I reflect on my WoW experience for the past year.

– Alliance hunter levelled up to 58.
– Alliance hunter abandoned while Rukgut is transferred over to Earthen Ring.
– The Ruk, a mere 35, begins his climb to the top of the levelling ladder.
– Thanks to his Leatherworking skills, he is not naked while makind said climb.
– The Ruk joins AIE at the end of October.
– Ding 59, The Ruk is The Main Man.
– December: ran Instances for the first time.
– December 31: Ding 67.

Looking at it like that, 2008 wasn’t exactly a banner year.

Short-term, my goals are:
– Level up Fishing (shudder)
– Work on Cooking (farm ravagers, talkbuk, and warp stalkers)
– Hit 70
– Honored faction with Lower City & Shi’tar(sp?) to get armor upgrades.
– MAYBE look at flying mounts. Maybe. It just doesn’t seem worth it. Ding 70, go to Northrend, and no flying mount until 77 anyway.

Okay Year-That-Was, drop the glass and get out. You’ve been replaced by a better year (fingers crossed).

Happy New Year!

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