Merry Such and Such

Y’know what’s pretty nerdy? People who do audio commentary on machinima they create. Seriously, I don’t think it’s that tough to figure out why something was done in a movie created by video game footage. That’s just me being picky, I guess.

The Ruk is still 66. Fishing has become a bit of a bore, so for now we’re done with it. Next thing I wanted to try was taming a Cunning pet. Off we went to Blade’s Edge Mountains to tame a Ravager. On the way, we picked up a Chimera just for fun. Oh, the Wasp is no more. Someone had to go, and she was the lowest level. But after playing with a Chimera and a Ravager, I’m back to Gorilla, Devilsaur, and Wolf. I just didn’t see anything in the Cunning Pet that made me want to run with it. Other than a DPS spike once the mob gets down to 35%, there isn’t much to write home about.

A Blood Elf DK came up to me last night and wanted help with a quest. I had a few minutes so I agreed. Next thing I know, he’s dumping a mess of quests on me. We were the same level, and he was an almighty DK for crying out loud. He couldn’t do these on his own? I told him I didn’t have time and could help him with one. Kill one mob, loot it, done. I led him to where the mob spawned, but on the way I picked up a few adds. So while The Ruk killed them off, the DK found the quest mob and killed it solo.

Just need a little confidence, people. Have faith in your class.

Or check Wowhead for coordiates.

Presently, The Ruk is planning to work on some reputations to unlock nice blue gear at 70. The Grind begins anew. We’re already sitting pretty with Thrallmar and Centurion Expedition. Now we need Lower City and the Shi’tar(?) and we’ll have everything but the chest piece. Since that rep can only be ground in instances, we’ll be skipping that one.

Oh, and “we” means The Ruk and I. I jump between tenses like that. But since I’m the only one reading this, it doesn’t really matter. Proper diction comes with viewers.

For now, I kan haz loot kthx.

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