Pet Problem

Yeah, I know. Two posts in one day? Wow.

I’ve been having a problem with pets. When The Ruk rolls out into the Outlands, he brings the best he can get. Tanking isn’t an issue, Marv’s got that job until he retires. Or dies. Or dies and I refuse to rez him.

I’ve accumulated THREE Ferocity pets. I’ve got a Devilsaur –

– a Wolf,

-and a Wasp.
I’m sure the folks at Elitist Jerks have all sorts of charts, and from what I’ve heard the Devilsaur is the top DPS pet. Still, utility is nice. If I’m in an instance, it’s all about the group, not about me topping the charts. A Wolf gives a nice AP buff when there’s no Warrior tanking for the group (and apparently there are no more Warrior’s in the Outlands). The Wasp does a nice Armor Reduction. The Devilsaur bites things. Hard.

I took the trio to the testing dummies. Wolf was 65, Devilsaur was 64, Wasp was 62. Granted, I realized the levels would make a difference, but the Wolf ended up topping the charts by a good 50 DPS.

Now that I’ve levelled up the Devilsaur to 65, I’ll have to do the same with the Wasp. With all three at the same level, and The Ruk bringing the rain of pain, we’ll see what kind of numbers come up. As great as they all look, I don’t like the overlap.

Cunning pets? Anyone really running with these anymore? With their specs, it’s hard to test them out anywhere but in the World. With abilities that increase damage when the mob is at low health, and abilities that increase damage when the pet is at low level, you can’t really get an accurate bead on DPS. I’m considering taming a Ravager and testing him out, but before I do that I either have to shell out 150 gold for another stable slot… or trim the dead weight.

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