Halfway through 66 now, and we’re finally getting the hang of this whole “reputation grind” business.

Most of the gear that The Ruk wears is either quest rewards or gear that we make ourselves through Leatherworking. Rarely, an upgrade comes along through Instances (and by rarely we mean the amount of instances we run). The only gear that comes from the Auction House is range weapons and scopes.

Naturally that means The Ruk isn’t rocking the top of the gear charts. We get by in our mostly greens.

Luckily, the beauty of the Outlands brings class-specific vendor blues at 70. However, to unlock these goodies means getting the right reputation with each faction. It’s not a huge task, Honored only, so at least we know there’s some decent gear waiting for us at 70. There’s five pieces of Savage gear, and we’ve unlocked two pieces so far. Before we get the other three, we’ll finish up a few of the outstanding quests we’ve got on the books right now & level up some pets in the process.

We picked up another pet: Kaylee the Wasp. She’s a cutie, as well as a Ferocity pet with an Armor Reduction special. We’ll play around until she’s at the same level as the others, then everybody’s going to go to work on the Targeting Dummies. Three Ferocity Pets can be a bit much.

Marv, however, is secure in his position as MT for Team Ruk.

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