Progress So Far

– Level 63, and I’m trying to keep Marv, Belle, & Dakota all close to my level. Marv would be the easiest since he’s my tank, but Belle does some decent dps of her own. Dakota might be the trickiest to keep up with me since he’s the raid/instance pup (his AP buff is handy when there’s no warrior in the group). I try to get one close to my level and then switch, but that’s been fine as long as there’s just three. I’m starting to think that maybe a worm for his armor reduction might help with the damage numbers.

– Leatherworking is doing fine. I’m not really getting much in the way of drops now that I’ve moved to Zangramarsh. Lots of bugs there that I can’t skin.

– If I keep going at my current pace, I’ll have to stop around 65 or so and give all my gear a good once-over for upgrades.

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