The Ruk is now my highest level character ever. He is level 60.

Not all that thrilled with Hellfire Peninsula though. Bloody Death Knights.

Okay, time to backtrack a little. Hitting 60 was big for a few reasons:

1) It gave me my Beast Mastery ability to tame Elites.
2) It gave me my Epic Mount.

Number 1 was good in that I went out and tamed Belle, my Devilsaur. She’s going to be my dps beast. I’m levelling her up to 60, and once she’s caught up with Marv and Ruk she’ll have to be switched out to maintain her levelling. I’ll be anxious to try her out on the testing dummy once she hits 60. Marv is a gorilla and does some decent dps on his own. She’d better crush him on Recount, or she’s out of a job.

I’m what you call an equal-opportunity hunter. Do your job or get bounced, regardless of sex, race, or species.

Number 2 was a big chunk of change. Handy though. I never appreciated the speed until I got it. Nice.

My plan is to continue on with quests, keeping my pets up to speed with me, and getting some of that nice Leatherworking gear. Somewhere in there I should probably try an instance or two.

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