Random Thoughts

– I’m not thrilled with the blog’s layout. If I had the time, or inclination, I might consider looking at something a little darker. Perhaps a banner that didn’t break the table.

– Speaking of darker, still not getting into the Death Knights. In fact, these kids are starting to annoy me. It’s not the best time to be lv 55-60, because these guys are all over the place trying to power through quests. Usually at my expense. I had to kill a spawn in a crypt. One DK had cleared out everything up top, which was fine I suppose. There wasn’t anything there that Marv and I couldn’t handle. But the DK who ran down while I was waiting for the dude to respawn, ganked him, then took off before I could even get his name, can go drown in a lake of troll piss. Remember my last post when I talked about grouping with another hunter so we could both finish the same quest? Be more like me, and less like Dick Knights.

– Somehow managed to get 58 before I left for work this morning. Two quest hand-ins, a smattering of grinding, and all was good. I sent myself some upgrades, hence the urgency to hit 58 asap. Only a few more levels before I get my Beast Mastery, and I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m happy with Marv, but I guess I should look at picking up a single target tank. I’m thinking a worm. Maybe, just for kicks, I’ll grab that core hound puppy in the Dranei area. I’d have to look up their specials before considering it though. For most of what I do, Marv or Dakota have been taking care of business just fine.

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