Wrath Thoughts

Okay, as of this writing Ruk is 56.

Thank you, thank you.

Still, that means that the expansion doesn’t offer much to me. Most of the things that would have been interesting, were offered up in patch 3.0.2 with Hunter talents and skills. So I got all the goodies I knew I could use, pre-expansion. Yes there’s new zones, new quests, but those are at least ten levels away before I can even think about them.

So what did WotLK provide?

Queues. Wrath has changed the way many of us play, and by that I mean waiting 15-45 minutes before we can access our Character Select Screen. Get home from work, log in, go have dinner, clean up, come back, and see how much waiting time is left.

What’s even more frustrating is that I’m waiting to get into the “Vanilla WoW” zones.

The other thing Wrath offers, and it is now something I can make use of, is the Death Knight. I tried one. I did a few of the introduction quests. Then I logged off, and Ruk went out and killed Yeti. Because that’s how I roll. I’ll probably try DK’s again, but I can’t see myself giving up the toon I’ve spent months and months leveling with, training professions with, questing with, just because the flavour of the month has some neat bells and whistles.

If I want a tank, Marv the albino gorilla will take care of it.

In Other News

I grouped with another Hunter yesterday. We were working on the same quest, which resulted in the spawning of a level 60 kitty that had to be killed. I figured I’d be a nice guy – he was hunting for the piece of meat needed to spawn the cat, and I’d just gotten mine – and we grouped up so he’d get credit for the kill. When he ran over to me, I noticed he had a cat. The cat was in prowl mode, crawling up behind him. I know there’s a bug with cat prowl, so I made a joke about it. He told me that’s what cats did.

Good grief. Stereotypes exist for a reason, kids.

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