Feel the Wrath

Last night I briefly contemplated picking up my copy of WotLK from EB Games. It was almost midnight, and I was driving in the cold and freezing rain hoping to buy some kind of patching goop from Wal-Mart. Seems one of the windows in the sun room decided to spring a leek at 11 at night, letting a steady stream of ice cold water piddle on the carpet.

There I am, driving around, and I see people lining up at Best Buy. I see them at Wal-Mart. I think to myself, “I’m out anyway. Why not swing by my EB and grab the game?”

That’s when my inner orc spoke up. “Do you NEED it tonight?”


“Yes, need. Can you start a Death Knight on the server you want?”

“Well, no.”

“Are you a high enough level to use the content in the expansion?”

“I guess not.”

“Then buy that tube of goop, get your @ss home, and let the game wait until tomorrow. Oh, and you probably won’t be in any big hurry to install it tomorrow, will you?”


Fixed the leak. Picking up the game today. Installing it when I can use the content.

That’s the kicker. I’m waiting for the point where, other than being level 66 or so, I’ll need Wrath content. Patch 3.0 pretty much gave me most of what I’d want (aside from zones and levels) – new talents, new professions, new pet skills.

For now, Wrath will sit on my desk as a reminder to keep grinding. Keep my eye on the ball.

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